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SVP Calgary focuses on increasing resiliency in youth


Over the past year, SVP Calgary has been heavily engaged in determining how we can increase our community impact. Through extensive research and conversations with other SVP chapters, we learned that clearly defining the impact we aim to have on the community can lead to a big change in our effectiveness. Establishing a specific, significant goal of examining how SVP Calgary meets social needs creates both a sense of urgency and a compelling vision to realize over the long term.

After much research and careful discussion, we have narrowed our focus to youth ages 12-15, specifically in the areas of prevention and after school time. Prevention includes focusing on vulnerable populations and offering strength-based programming, building skills and resiliency, forming natural supports, mentorship and more.

We are currently diving deeper into further conversations with leaders and agencies in our city that provide programming for youth aged 12-15, and evaluating the ways we can best support these organizations through funding and our Partners time and talent.

Here’s a short video from with our Board Chair, Dave Hughes, and Executive Director, Lindsay Read, about our journey to this new focus area.