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April 2020 All Partner Newsletter

Covid-19 has magnified inequities in our communities- locally, provincially, Canada-wide and globally. As such, SVP Calgary’s capacity building work will be needed now more than ever. As your bridge between community and philanthropy, SVP Calgary helps you have more impact: increasing your knowledge of the full ecosystem, building connections with others locally and around the world, aggregating funds, and focusing your giving to what community needs most. Together, we play a critical role in making sure our communities are resilient now, at this moment of crisis– and into the future.

Our local response to the current economic crisis and impact of COVID-19 is to stand up Resource Teams at SVP Calgary. These are internal pro-bono consulting groups aimed at assisting non-profit organizations in our Community Impact Focus Area with short-term needs in Financial Health or Strategic Partnerships. If you are interested in joining one of these Teams or would like more information, please contact Sarah or Ranita. Check your e-mail for the April Newsletter which contains all of the information about the Teams, and updates on the work happening with our Investees.