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Joint Letter of Invitation to Prospective Partners – SVP Calgary and SVP International

These are difficult times.

We are all reeling from economic fallout of COVID-19, and preparing for the longer-term implications in all aspects of life. We are fighting to end racial injustices and inequality in our communities and around the world. We are collectively grieving, listening, and healing – together.

Those in the social services sector are especially concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the vulnerable populations we serve. Not only is the sector facing a significant reduction in revenue streams, they are also struggling to meet the increased needs of their population and members while adhering to social distancing challenges.

We invite you to join us and become a part of at Social Venture Partners Calgary and the SVP global network, as we imagine how we, collectively, can build a future where our communities are resilient and have the necessary resources to thrive. Especially in these times, our communities need philanthropists who understand the whole system so that giving can be focused on what communities need most.

Social Venture Partners Calgary is a critical component to this reimagining. Our Partners, part of a global network of engaged philanthropists, bring more than just financial resources. They bring their expertise, skills, and collective experiences in their work alongside Investee organizations, to co-create innovative solutions in their capacity building work. Indeed, Partners around the world, through their local SVPs, are stepping up. Partners from Seattle to Austin to India to Waterloo are directly impacting their communities through mobilization of expanded support through fundraising, short-term projects, and advocacy. Together, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate community-wide recovery across the world due to our vast network and resources.

Social Venture Partners Calgary, like many of the nonprofits we work alongside, is pivoting our model to reach more non-profits and increase our impact. We will continue to provide deep-dive long-term strategic engagements with our Investees, along with our annual granting cycle. In addition, we are now rolling out short-term Resource Teams so that we can take on additional projects. These Teams will assist nonprofit agencies working within our Community Impact Focus Area (organizations that serve youth, ages 12-15 years old, with high-quality after-school programming). Primarily, these new Teams will assist non-profit organizations with Financial Health and assessment of possible Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.

We are seeking new Partners to join us during this critical time, so that we can work alongside more nonprofits who serve Calgary’s youth.

As your bridge between community and philanthropy, SVP helps you have more impact: increasing your knowledge of the full ecosystem, building connections with like-minded peers and community members, aggregating funds, and focusing your giving to what Calgary needs most. Together, we play a critical role in making sure our communities are resilient now and into the future.

With your partnership, we can build a better Calgary.

We invite you to reach out to Sarah with any questions at We look forward to connecting with you to discuss this opportunity further!






Sarah Wuntke
Executive Director
Social Venture Partners Calgary

Social Venture Partners Calgary







Sudha Nandagopal
Social Venture Partners International