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Two Wheel View

Two Wheel View (TWV) provides leadership, environmental and cultural exchange programs to young people through their participation in bicycle education and expedition programs. Two Wheel View uses bicycles to teach youth leadership skills and confidence – building kids resiliency through the seat of a bike.

SVP Capacity Building Projects:

  • Strengthened the Board of Directors through professional development and governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Developed human resources processes to manage a growing staff
  • Communications and marketing planning
  • Succession Planning

Multiyear Unrestricted Financial Support: $145,000
Timeline: 2012-2017

Operational Budget

Kids Served

Relationship Highlights

We went from working with under 100 kids in 2012 to more than 500 at the end of 2016. We grew from three to 19 staff, who are making a huge difference in the lives of kids here in Calgary. Becoming a SVP Investee in 2012 increased the legitimacy of our organization. It offered us a level of credibility and gave us the confidence to grow our organization.

Rick McFerrin

Founder of Two Wheel View Calgary

It was an incredible experience to watch Two Wheel View grow from a grass roots organization to an organization that is expected to serve 600 kids in 2017 and have an operating budget of over half a million dollars. They secured funding (some multi-year) from multiple new sources over the course of our investment. We’ll miss them as an investee, but this won’t be the end of SVP’s relationship with them.

Andy Williamson

Lead Partner

I am remembering a moment on a trip with youth this summer, with a youth that had been having a troubling time at home. He had the opportunity to escape some of these feelings of stress and anxiety at home while he was on trip and away from cell service. Then finally the evening before we biked back to his community he gained access to his phone and the weight of what was going on at home got to him. He was visibly upset and I spent some time chatting with him and got to understand the significance of the things that were making him upset. Then with great strength he picked himself up and was able to enjoy the trip, play and laugh and bond with the rest of the group, and finish the ride strong. This was one of many stories I got to experience of great resilience shown by the youth we work with at TWV.

Becky Giammarino, Trips and Indigenous Programs Coordinator

On one of our programs we finished our Earn-a-Bike program with a bike trip. One of the students was struggling with his bike gears and getting quite frustrated on hills. Though he struggled to memorize which way to shift when approaching a hill, he became quite confident in his ability to climb hills or zip across the flats in whatever gear he was in. Due to his growing experience he no longer complained but trusted in his ability.

Thom Hoff, Shop Coordinator

Some things that I learned are how to think more creatively, how to work in a team more effectively, and that I am a leader. These are the things I learned about myself.

Earn-a-bike Participant

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary (AAFS)

AAFS provides respite care in a recreational environment for children, youth and adults on the Autism Spectrum.AAFS is constructed and implemented by the youth.; we work with them, for them Through this approach, we facilitate the development of social and life skills in the community at large.

SVP Capacity Building Projects:

  • Launched a capital campaign
  • Strategic planning
  • Completed feasibility study focusing on a needs assessment, HR, facilities, finances, and marketing needs for growth
  • Created a partnership with Two Wheel View for the “Earn a Bike” program

Multiyear Unrestricted Financial Support: $140,000
Timeline: 2010-2015

Operational Budget

Families Served

Relationship Highlight

Over our five years with SVP, our organization not only grew but we learned HOW to grow and this has made a significant impact long after we graduated from SVP. Any business always sees growth as a good thing but it does come with fear. We all know organizations who have crumbled because they have not managed their growth effectively. As we continue to grow, we have no fear (well, not zero fear…we are an NPO in Calgary in 2019) thanks to SVP!
Dean Svoboda

Executive Director, AAFS

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