What We Do

We work as catalysts, connecting passionate philanthropists and non-profits who together achieve unparalleled social impact.

For the first time in its history, SVP Calgary is focusing its efforts in one key area at a time. Doing so will allow us to address the root cause and make a significant, tangible impact in a critical issue affecting our community.

Our current area of focus is: Increasing Resilience in Youth.

How we select an area of focus

SVP Calgary embarked on an in-depth study to arrive at the most needed issue affecting our community where we could cause significant impact. The process included in depth research, community consultation and partner feedback and engagement.

The yearlong work conducted lead us to focus on Increasing Resilience in Youth, ages 12-15.

Why “Resilience in Youth”

  • Adolescence is a challenging developmental period
  • Self-reported delinquency starts at age 14
  • About half of mental health issues surface before age 14 and average age of anxiety disorder is 12 years old
  • In Calgary the average age of youth receiving counselling is 10-13 years, younger than national average
  • Calls for help growing: 115% increase in youth contacts 2017 vs 2016 (5561, Calgary Distress Centre)
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst youth aged 15-19 years in Alberta (17.8 per 100k): Canada 3rd highest in industrial world
  • 10-20% of youth in Canada experience mental illness; only 20% of those who need mental health services receive them.

When we improve resilience, the ability to adapt successfully in the face of adversity, the results are remarkable:

Resilience can decrease risk of stress related diseases including diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression and addiction. It can lead to higher academic success, improved ability to achieve economic security and reduce crime rates. It improves the ability to communicate and build strong relationships.

When youth learn to be resilient, they learn a life skill that will help them in every aspect throughout their lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase resiliency in 12-15 year olds through improved access and participation in high quality programming outside of school hours.

How to Get Involved